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West end to Broadway  David Plumpton
"West End to Broadway Vol. 2” is a 72 minute double length CD by David Plumpton containing 37 unrepeated piano melodies for a complete
intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of familiar music without singing or vocal instructions.
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West to Broadway vol 3
The third volume of familiar show tunes by David Plumpton contains music from some of the most recent shows on Broadway and the West End. Each exercise at the Barre and Center has several tracks so you can use different music for the same exercise. This will keep the dancer listening to the music by making them do the same step to different music. With several selections for Allegro and Pirouette work, you will never run out of familiar melodies for your ballet class. Wicked, Oliver, Cabaret, and Billy Elliot are just a few of the shows represented on this CD.
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West end to Broadway Vol 4
West End To Broadway Vol. 4 is the latest volume released by David Plumpton. This 36 track CD is filled with beautiful melodies from some of the world's most famous musicals. Featuring a number of old classics and melodies from popular new West End shows, this CD is certain to bring energy and inspiration to your ballet classes.
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A Winter Wonderland
Spécialement pour les fêtes de fin d'année.

From David Plumpton: At this season of thanksgiving and sharing, I hope you dance your way into the real spirit of Christmas. May I wish you ALL a joyful and peaceful Christmastime and a Happy New Year.
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Smash Hits for Ballet Class certainly lives up to its name. It contains theme songs from TV shows like Downton Abbey and Poldark along with popular songs such as Imagine and We Are The World. A "Ships Ahoy Medley” and sound tracks from movies like Pirates Of The Caribbean and Pokeman round out this inspired collection. 
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DAVID PLUMPTON Rock & Pop for Ballet
Well, this title has it all. Rock & Pop for Ballet Class has music from a wide array of artists. Everyone from the Beatles to Rihanna are represented in this beautifully recorded CD for a complete ballet class. How can you miss with young dancers when you put on "Beat It” by Michael Jackson or "Stay With Me” by Sam Smith? 
29,00 EUR
DAVID PLUMPTON   TV Themes for Ballet
TV Themes for Ballet highlights David Plumpton’s uncommon talent for adapting music for ballet class and selecting tunes that make you want to dance! From Mash to The Waltons and shows from the UK such as Are You Being Served and Miss Marple, 37 classic theme songs are featured for a complete ballet class. 
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Music for Intermediate Ballet Class CD
David Plumpton presents "Christmas Modern Melodies for Ballet Class” in this mix of unrepeated standard holiday carols and seldom heard favorites. 

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What a wonderful collection of music for ballet class! All of the selections on Divas for Ballet are composed and made popular by modern day female artists. From Madonna and Celine Dion to Adele and Lady Gaga most every famous name is represented